Firm History

Firm History

The Chehalis law firm of Vander Stoep, Remund, Blinks & Jones continues the tradition of providing outstanding legal service to individuals, families, and business clients in Lewis County which began in 1882 when attorney Orin E. Harmon began his Chehalis law practice.

1882       Orin E. Harmon.

1893       Ulysses E. Harmon began practicing, and the firm became Harmon & Harmon.

1893       Orin retired and Ulysses then partnered with Daniel C. Millett to form Millett & Harmon.

1909       After Mr. Millett passed away Mr. Harmon teamed up with A. A. Hull to form Harmon & Hull. Mr. Harmon later moved away, and Mr. Hull continued his practice in Chehalis.

1918       William M. Urquhart, Jr. joined with Mr. Hull for a year before moving to New York.

1919       Mr. Hull joined forces with John E. Murray and the firm became Hull and Murray. They practiced together until 1944 when Mr. Murray was elected to the Superior Court.

1945       Grant Armstrong returned from naval service, and the firm became Hull and Armstrong

1958       After some years as an associate Jim Vander Stoep became partner, and the firm became Hull, Armstrong, and Vander Stoep.

1963       A couple years after Mr. Hull passed away Judge Murray retired from the bench and returned to the practice. The firm became Murray, Armstrong, and Vander Stoep

1976       Judge Murray passed away in 1973, and Rene J. Remund joined the firm as an associate in 1974. Two years later the new firm became Armstrong, Vander Stoep, and Remund

1980       Brian Kelly joined the firm in 1978, and a couple years later it became known as Armstrong, Vander Stoep, Remund, and Kelly.

1995       Two current partners, J. Vander Stoep (son of Jim) and Scott E. Blinks, joined the firm in the early 1990s. Both became partners shortly thereafter, and the firm became Vander Stoep, Remund, Kelly & Blinks.

2007       David A. Jones joined Rene J. Remund, J. Vander Stoep, and Scott Blinks and the firm became Vander Stoep, Remund, Blinks & Jones.

Three of the firm’s partners served as president of the Washington State Bar Association. A. A. Hull served in 1939, Grant Armstrong served in 1962, and James A “Jim” Vander Stoep served in 1989